Grapat, a family-run Spanish toy workshop believes in the concept of natural simplicity. The idea came about when the founders, Casiana and Jordi got inspired by watching their daughter (who had almost no toys) play freely, turning everyday objects into whatever she desired. Unhindered by pre-determined ideas or games, she created worlds of her own from things she found at her disposal, at home or outside in nature, playing intensely for many happy hours.

They discovered that when children are given the freedom to imagine, their play becomes something that they do very earnestly, creating worlds they truly immerse themselves in, learning and absorbing instinctively. 

Motivated by this experience with their daughter, Lola, they set out to create their vision, a world of play that could flourish for other children in the way their daughter’s had. They started this humble project that escalated into the Grapat today, spanning over 62 countries all over the world. Grapat uses wood (mostly beech and birch) from sustainable forests, and hand-stain their toys in- house using water-based, non-toxic dyes and vegetable oils. 

The idea of loose parts may be new, here is list of play ideas: 

  • Colour sorting
  • Counting
  • Sequencing
  • Pattern matching and extension
  • Mandala building
  • Create scenes
  • Calming/ Self-regulation/ mindful play
  • Small world play (use them along with other open-ended toys)
  • Sensory play

Loose parts, open and unstructured, are an invitation to open-ended play and endless imagination. The simple shapes and lack of obvious purpose of Grapat toys make them a mystery to most adults. But your child will know exactly what to do- explore.