Londji is a Spanish brand of play things that aims to bring together the world of art, games and toys. 

Made with innovation, originality and safety as their core principles, Londji play things let children think open-endedly, imagine and have fun while learning!

In Londji, they play with everything but safety. Toys are cooked at low heat, with great care and using the best materials, aligned with their belief in respecting the working conditions while generating wealth in their environment, and being respectful to our planet.

"Because we think about leaving a better world for our children, with the values and honesty that our grandparents transmitted to us." 

The Londji Team design and manufacture between the offices of Barcelona and their factory located in Banyoles, Spain. Their design is accomplished with originality in mind. Most importantly, they play!

Play is limitless. Create and share magical moments with Londji toys, created for anyone from 3 to 103 years old.