"Dreamed up and designed with love by WITHIN & CO, their vegan leather WITHIN Signature MatTray™ is uniquely designed with sides that snap up to keep mess within and cleanup simple. Say goodbye to spending lots of time cleaning up after a messy playtime, resulting in both a happy child and happy parents."

~ as featured in VOGUE Magazine; December 2021

Little ones and big messes go hand in hand.

WITHIN & CO was born when one extraordinary mum from Singapore wanted to find a solution that will help us focus on the joys of nurturing our little ones and not stress over the mess created in the process.

The aim of WITHIN mats is to help fellow parents spend less time cleaning up after meals and playtime, allowing us to focus on the joys of bonding instead of worrying about making messes at the back of our minds. With that, we could be fully present engaging with our little ones, and have some extra time to take a much needed break.

Vegan and cruelty-free, WITHIN mats make sure to play a part in taking care of the world for our future generation.