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Introducing Grapat

Grapat toys, open and unstructured with no obvious purpose, invites free play and endless imagination. When children are given the freedom to imagine, they truly immerse themselves in their own creation, exploring and learning instinctively.

Explore Grapat loose parts toys with us, and turn simple into extraordinary.

Explore GRAPAT

Big mess? No worries!

Designed in Japan, the WITHIN Signature 170 MatTray™ will be your new best friend. It features a unique concept with snap buttons that closes up the sides of the mat during play or meal times, containing all the mess within the effortlessly formed tray. WITHIN Signature 170 fits underneath the IKEA Flisat table perfectly for sensory play activities, helping to catch most small/ loose parts. It is also big enough for you to sit inside while engaging your little ones in sensory play together with no worries about cleaning up after.

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Londji | Puzzles and games for ages 3 to 103


A new school year is approaching, and so the search for school supplies begins. But the most important search is for the perfect school bag. COMING SOON to Dawn & Daisy!


Featured Book Series


Care for your baby with Mushie


Hello There

Welcome to our store! Let us share with you our story.

Dawn and Daisy is a small, family operated business based in Brunei.

As we embark on the transformative journey of parenthood, we discovered new facets of our identity and capabilities. The voyage of self discovery sparks a desire to share our newfound wisdom and insights. Through heartfelt books, beautiful products and thoughtful service, our drive to share with you is born from a genuine desire to offer support, guidance and connection on this shared journey of parenthood. Navigating the challenges and joy of raising our child leads us to dive deeper into our values. We want to nurture an environment where learning seamlessly intertwines with playtime and the little ones are empowered to explore, imagine and discover the world at their own pace. Our carefully selected collections include eco-friendly, sustainable and Fairtrade products, made with utmost care, that can be enjoyed safely and responsibly. 

Inspired by our baby girl, we want to share with you beautiful things that we bring into our own home, things that grow with our children, speak from our hearts and resonate with our values. 

And now we could not wait to share the love (and magic) with you. Dawn and Daisy is for you. For your little one. And your every little beginning.


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