About Us

Dawn and Daisy is a small, family operated business based in Brunei. It is lovingly founded with the belief that every milestone of our little one's development is a cause for celebration. As we embark on the journey of parenthood, we came across a diverse range of baby and children books and products, many of which have become indispensable in our own home. At Dawn and Daisy, we believe that the environment matters. Our carefully selected collections include eco-friendly, sustainable and Fairtrade products that can be enjoyed safely and responsiblyInspired by our baby girl, we want to share with you beautiful things that we bring into our own home, things that grow with our children, speak from our hearts and resonate with our values. 

And now we could not wait to share the love (and magic) with you. Dawn and Daisy is for you. For your little one. And your every little beginning.