Johnny Lambert's Bear and Bird Book Series

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By Johnny Lambert

Jonny Lambert's Bear and Bird  Learn to Share
The snowflakes are starting to fall in the forest. Winter is on its way and it's almost time for the animals to hibernate. They set out into the freezing forest to collect food, but Huxley the bear is really hungry and wants to keep it all to himself. Is there enough food for everyone? Perfect for teaching little readers about kindness, sharing and friendship.

Jonny Lambert's Bear and Bird  |  Make Friends
Bear and Bird gently introduces toddlers to friendship and the feelings that come with starting school. Join Bear and Bird on their next adventure as they brave their first day of school and try their hardest to make friends. They can be shy when meeting new people and are worried that they won't fit in. Will their classmates like them? Is school really as scary as it seems?

Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 22cm

Format: Board Book

Pages: 24

Age Suggestion: 3-5