Magna-Tiles Dashers 6-piece Set

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Beep, beep!  Someone new is zooming around the MAGNA-TILES® world.  These unique Dashers are designed to ride along traditional Squares, as well as our new Ramps and Roads. Discover exciting, imaginative play possibilities with Dashers today!

Includes age-appropriate pieces for frustration-free play and adventure, including the first-ever, fully-magnetic Figures and Vehicles.

Kid-powered Dashers are specially designed to ride along Squares, Ramps and Roads for frustration-free play – their wheels ride on the outside of tiles and a small brake on the bottom regulates speed.

Introduce the new magnetic Figures to your MAGNA-TILES® world and experience a new level of imaginative play. Figures include magnets in the arms, feet and head to interact with your existing MAGNA-TILES® pieces.

Part of the new MAGNA-TILES® In Motion collection.

What's inside?


  • Vehicles – Red, Blue and Purple
  • 3 Figures – Red, Blue and Purple