Tidy Tot

Tidy Tot Disposable Coverall Bib

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The only disposable bib with long sleeves that offer complete protection from feeding mess. Their unique resealable strip at the bottom of the bib sticks to the front of baby’s eating surface meaning no more dropped food on laps or restaurant floors. No more cleaning up or leaving behind mealtime mess at restaurants and cafes. Conveniently disposable, there’s no need to cart dirty bibs home after a meal out. Perfect for your first family holiday and days out.

Material is soft, comfortable and easy to wear.

This set contains 2 x disposable bibs.


  • Resealable strip at the bottom of the bib sticks to dining table or high chair - no more gaps!
  • Water-resistant - no worries about broth or liquid spillage
  • Adjustable neck fastening
  • Made from recyclable materials