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Toddler Bucket Sun Hat | Bunny

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The Bedhead Toddler Bucket hat is a fabulous baby sun hat featuring a soft flexible brim and rated is UPF50+ Excellent Protection!

Our Toddler Buckets have a soft flexible brim that introduces babies and toddlers to an angled brim that frames their line of sight. All Bedhead hats are made from our super-stretchy and lightweight cotton jersey and come with a stretchy chin strap (if required, you can easily remove this without compromising the quality of the hat).

These little white rabbits look so fresh and cute against our Chambray background. Teeny tiny polka dots in pink and white are sprinkled all over like confetti! Available in Legionnaire, Toddler Bucket, Classic Bucket and Ponytail Bucket

BEST SUITED TO: Babies and toddlers still using prams, strollers, car seats, carriers & slings


    • Specially designed for wear in prams and baby carriers
    • Softly reinforced felt brim folds gently under neck whilst laying in pram
    • Rated UPF50+ Excellent Protection
    • Tested in accordance with Australia & New Zealand Standards 4399
    • Sun-Smart recommended brim depths (see tab below for measurements)
    • Perfect for use in Childcare centres
    • Made from 90% Cotton and 10% Elastane jersey
    • Wash & Wear - gentle cold machine wash and line dry in the shade
    • 'Return to' label to help hats get home safely
    • Stretch chin strap with adjustable toggle

    NOTE: Chin strap can easily be removed if required without compromising the quality of the hat - you just need scissors!

    Size Advice and Brim Depth:

    One fact you can be sure of - no two heads are the same! ALWAYS measure your child's head before purchasing to ensure getting the accurate size.

    Step 1: Distract the child with a toy or food (so they don't try and help you!).

    Step 2: Use a measuring tape to take measurement. Otherwise use a ribbon to take the size then use a ruler to find the measurement.

    Step 3: Purchase the size closest to your childs measurement. Our hats are very stretchy and will grow up to 4cm.

    FOR EXAMPLE: The child measures 45cms, you will need the 47cm size giving plenty of future wear. It's important to get the hat closest to your head size, if it's too big the hat will block the child's vision, causing uncomfort and a good chance of them pulling it off.

    Need help? Watch our video on how to measure your child's head.


     Hat Size  Brim Depth
     37cm / XXS / 0-3 months  4.5cm
     42cm / XS / 3-6 months  5.5cm
     47cm / S / 6-12 months  6cm
     50cm / M / 1-2 years  6cm
     52cm / L / 2-3 years  6cm