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Baby Reversible Teddy Flap Sun Hat | Steele/ Flax

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Our Baby Flap Hats - only even more cuter! This flap hat style is light on heads, making it the ideal first hat for babies as they forget they’re wearing it! The soft flap lies flat behind baby’s neck while they’re in a pram or baby carrier, and the brim is slightly upright letting them see the world. The cute bear ears are on the coloured side, while the reverse is a flax colour without ears, giving you two great hats for the price of one: regular and Teddy!  

Made from 100% eco-friendly linen which can self-cool in summer and warm in winter, the Roamer hat provides UPF50+ sun protection without overheating little heads.

Adjustable ties at the back of the crown allow the perfect fit to be achieved, and elasticated straps tie sweetly into a bow under chins to keep hats in place while little ones get accustomed to something on their heads. The elastic in the ties allows stretch and comfort, and ensures the ties aren’t too tight.

We love a good double-duty item. And we couldn’t help making cute things even cuter, so added bear ears to our reversible flap hat! In our three most popular colourways – Maize, Rosa and Steele – the reverse, is a simple Flax colour without ears for the best of both worlds: regular and Teddy!

Best suited to: newborns, crawlers and toddlers still using prams, strollers, car seats, carriers and slings. Best style to convert stubborn hat-haters as they’re harder to pull off and not within their eyeline.


  • Specially designed for wear in prams and baby carriers.
  • Soft back flap sits flat under baby’s neck whilst laying in pram.
  • Rated UPF50+ Excellent Protection.
  • Fully reversible with a popular colour and ears on one side, and a neutral flax colour on the other.
  • Adjustable and elasticised ties on the crown allow the perfect fit on both sides.
  • Popular, go-with-everything colours for timeless style.
  • Tested in accordance with Australia & New Zealand Standards 4399.
  • Sun-Smart recommended brim depths (see tab below for measurements).
  • Made from 100% eco-friendly linen which is recyclable, biodegradable and has a better-for-the-environment manufacturing process.
  • Anti-flop but non-rigid brims for a lightweight feel.
  • Wash & wear - gentle cold machine wash in a wash bag and line dry in the shade.
  • Beautiful button-up 'Return to' label for names to help hats get home safely.
  • Elasticised chin ties to keep hats in place (the elastic allows some stretch so not too tight).

NOTE: Chin ties can easily be removed if required without compromising the quality of the hat – you just need scissors!

      Size Advice and Brim Depth:

      No two heads are the same, so it’s always best to measure your child’s head to get the ideal fit.

      Step 1: Distract the child with a toy or food (so they don't try and help you!).

      Step 2: Use a measuring tape to take measurement. Otherwise use a ribbon to take the size then use a ruler to find the measurement.

      Step 3: Choose a hat size with the smallest measurement closest to your child's head measurement. Our Roamer Flap Hats have adjustable ties in the crown to get the perfect fit to your child’s head size with a 4cm range in each hat. By choosing the smallest size of the range, you will get the most wear out of it.

      FOR EXAMPLE: If your child’s head measures 43cm, you will want the 42-46cm hat to ensure plenty of future wear. If your child’s head is measuring 45cm, it’s best to go to the 46cm-50cm as you can pull in the ties to make the hat size 46cm.

      BRIM DEPTH - 'Roamer' Teddy Flap Hat

       Hat Size Brim
       0-3 mth / 38-42cm / XXS 5.5cm  7.5cm
       3-6 mth / 42-46cm / XS 6cm  8cm
       6-12 mth / 46-50cm / S 6.5cm  8.5cm
       1-3 years / 50-54cm / M 7cm  9cm