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Dr Zigs Bubble Painting Kit

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This amazing kit contains everything you need to get started with Bubble Painting Fun! Unleash your creativity with Dr Zigs Bubble Painting Kit. Make Eid, Lunar New Year or Christmas crafts, cards, gifts or wrapping paper- use your imagination and the possibilities are endless! 

Explore colours and textures while creating an art work in the process. This is also a good form of sensory play for younger children. If you worry about creating mess, we've got you covered! Set up a corner for messy play using our WITHIN mats and clean up easy after!

The bubble painting kit is super easy to use:

Step 1: Simply pour the Bubble Paint into a container.


Step 2: Dip the Bamboo Bubble Foamer in the Bubble Paint, lift it up and let it drip, then BLOW!

Step 3: Drop the clouds of painty Bubble Foam on to your paper/card.


Step 2:  Put a small amount of the Bubble Paint into a cup, pop in the Bamboo Straw, and BLOW!  Piles of Bubbles will grow out of the cup. 

Step 3: Scoop these up and drop onto your paper/card - or place your card/paper upside-down over the bubbles emerging from your cup!

Step 4: Wait for your work of art to dry. Running out of bubble paint? Get the bubble paint refill.

As the paint trickles through the bubbles in the foam, and down onto the paper you will see bubble pattern textures start to appear! 

  • 100% made in the UK   from non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan, and ethically sourced ingredients
  • Certified safe and complies with CE toy standard
  • Bamboo reusable straw can be washed and re-used many times over.
  • Phosphate, palm oil and paraben free- better for children and the environment!

     This Kit includes:

    • 4x Dr Zigs ready-to-use bubble paint (random colours) 
    • 1x Bamboo bubble foamer
    • 1x Bamboo bubble straw
    • Instruction sheet with tips
    • A drawstring bag that carries the entire kit

    Material: The bubble foamer is made from bamboo and coconut matting from Vietnam. The bamboo reusable are handmade with organic & food safe bamboo ensures that they are odourless & have no aftertaste. 

    Age Recommendation: 3 years+ (up to old and crinkly age)