Hegen PCTO™ Straw Cup PPSU 330ml/11oz

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What's Included

1x Hegen PCTO™ 330ml/11oz PPSU Bottle
1x Hegen PCTO™ Straw Spout with White Straw Cap
1x Hegen Upper Straw
1x Hegen Lower Straw
1x Hegen Seal

Learning to sip from a straw has never been this easy. Our straw cup's unique click-to-lock safety cap prevents liquid from spurting and holds the cap in place so your child can drink easily.

Designed without a bite valve, our straw allows little ones to sip with ease, encourages good dental health, and guides them to master the technique of sipping.

Perfect for children aged 9 months and above or toddlers transitioning from feeding bottles to straw cups!

*Images are for illustration purposes only. Colour of straw may differ.

One bottle, multiple uses

The Hegen baby straw cup is designed for babies aged 9 months and above to encourage natural sucking and the development of oral-motor muscles.

The cup can be converted into different uses with a simple swap of the lids – switch from a straw spout to a storage lid and convert it into a snack container. It's super simple and convenient, perfect for busy parents!

A straw cup that allows for a safe and effortless drinking experience

The two-step safety catch prevents the liquid from spurting, and the click-to-lock catch holds the cap in place while your baby is drinking beverages like milk and water.

It gives you and your child the best hassle-free experience with our baby straw cup and your child can sip on the bottle with ease. It is also why our straw cup is also safe for training 6 to 7 month babies early.

Designed without a bite valve to promote proper sipping technique and effortless drinking

Bite valves inhibit water flow and only open when a child bites, which is a habit that can be hard to break. The Hegen Straw Cup is designed without a bite valve, making it easy for your child to sip with the proper techniques.