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Hey Water!

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By Antoinette Portis

A Robert F. Sibert Honor Book

Hey, water! I know you! You're all around.

Join a young girl as she explores her surroundings and sees that water is everywhere. But water doesn't always look the same, it doesn't always feel the same, and it shows up in lots of different shapes. Water can be a lake, it can be steam, it can be a tear, or it can even be a snowman. As the girl discovers water in nature, in weather, in her home, and even inside her own body, water comes to life, and kids will find excitement and joy in water and its many forms.

This book is conversational in tone and good to read aloud, but full of scientific facts narrated from a child's perspective. The artwork is bold and striking, with beautiful design make this attractive to pick up and handle. There is added backmatter on the water cycle, water conservation, and more.

Dimensions: 229 x 229 x 7mm

Format: Paperback

Pages: 48

Age Suggestion: 3+