Ladybird Moving Counter Play Book Series

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Illustrated By Ekaterina Trukhan

Have fun and discover letter shapes in this moving-counter play book!

Toddlers can start their writing journey without having to grasp a pen ­- just slide the counters around each track and have fun with the rhyming text! Boosts motor skills and introduces letter shapes.

Swirls and Squiggles

Waves and Wiggles

This book features curved tracks that mimic early handwriting patterns and with Waves and Wiggles little ones can become familiar with letter shapes: WMNU and V.

The five sliding counters in this book have fingerholes to help keep little hands steady and the rhyming narrative and bright illustrations from Ekaterina Trukhan will keep them entertained as they whizz around the tracks!

Dimensions: Approx 161 x 18 x 242 mm

Format: Board Book

Pages: 10

Age Suggestion: 2+