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Weather | Spin and Spot

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Did you know that between 2-4 years old, children begin asking questions about the natural world, and all the things they observe within day-to-day life? Including the weather! Spin and Spot: Weather is the perfect book to satisfy their curiosity, with simple read-aloud text and an interactive wheel to spin and learn about all the different types of weather.

Celebrate your child's curiosity as they navigate through this perfect picture book to discover all the fantastical forms of weather we experience in our world, from seeking sunshine on a beautiful cloudless day, to splashing in muddy puddles in the rain, to building a snowman in the winter, this all-encompassing weather book for kids truly does have it all!

Sure to catch your toddler's eye and shape their learning experience like never before, Spin and Spot: Weather features:
-6 simple spreads within a chunky and easy-to-hold board book
-Beautiful illustrations bringing all the key climates to life
-Simple read-aloud text and important vocabulary words to encourage early-learning
-Interactive spin-the-wheel that readers can turn throughout the book

Dimensions: 204 x 204 x 13mm

Format: Board Book

Pages: 14

Age Suggestion: 0-3